Monday, June 27, 2005


Ram Karmabhoomi - Diabolical move to destroy Rama's heritage

The determined moves made by the Central Government to build the Sethusamudaram canal by cutting across Rama's Bridge (also called the Adams Bridge) has far-reaching implications and detrimental effects for all Hindus:
  1. The priceless heritage in the form of Rama's Bridge (also called Adams Bridge) is to be removed altogether.
  2. Rameshwaram, which is one of the holiest locations for Hindus, will get submerged like Dhanushkodi, which got submerged in the 1960s and like Poompuhar, which got submerged in the Sangam period.
  3. Just like some of the classical Greek and Egyptian treasures and heritage are being excavated in the West from below the sea, there is a strong possibility for excavation of the Poompuhar heritage. But this will be lost if the Sethusamudaram canal comes up.
  4. Destroying the barrier between the Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea is likely to result in severe climatic changes such that the very pattern of monsoon rainfall in India could get altered for the worse. Does not the spirit of Hinduism enjoin us to live in harmony with nature, rather than play with it and jeopardise the very future of Bharatvarsha?
  5. In the assessment of Dr.T.S.Murty, leading tsunami expert, the project could cause a tsunami with drastic consequences for the entire shoreline extending from Dhanushkodi to Ernakulam, and from the Delft Island to Colombo.
  6. And the icing on the cake is that the Union Surface Transport and Shipping Minister, Shri.T.R. Baalu has roped in Islamic forces represented by the Suez Canal Authority, headquartered in Islamia, Egypt to provide collaboration in demolishing the Adams Bridge and to build the canal like the Suez Canal.

Anti-Hindu Forces

The range of forces that are working to expedite the Sethusamudaram project are:
  1. DMK, PMK, MDMK and other pro-LTTE parties that are part of the UPA government.
  2. West European forces.
  3. Atheist forces like the communists.

Why are they doing so?

The Dravidian national parties from Tamil Nadu have been making it out that the Sethusamudaram canal is going to shower prosperity on Tamil Nadu through increase in coastal shipping trade and by making the Tuticorin port as a hub port for container traffic in place of Colombo. Both these claims are far-fetched and the completion of the canal is unlikely to materialise into these promises.

The real reason in that is the LTTE does not want the proposed India-Sri Lanka rail/road bridge to come up, as proposed by the Sri Lanka government. LTTE and the pro-LTTE parties are keen to bring in the Sethu canal to scuttle the Indo-Lanka bridge. This has been confirmed in various statements by the LTTE and its sympathisers, like Vaiko of MDMK. A senior LTTE functionary, V. Balakumaran said, “If a bridge were built between Talaimannar in Sri Lanka and Rameswaram in India, it would ruin our culture,''. He added that by opposing it, Ms Jayalalithaa has "come to the rescue of our culture''. The Tamil Nadu CM had opposed the bridge on the ground that the LTTE would bring terrorism to Tamil Nadu.

The West European forces represented by the Dutch and Belgian dredging contractors-who are world leaders in dredging-are only going to be too happy to get paid in millions of dollars from the Government of India to destroy Rama's Bridge and dig out 8 million cubic metres of bhoomadevi.

The BJP is also likely to remain a mute spectator in all this because of its indebtedness to George Fernandes and Vaiko. The BJP is yet to realise that pandering to the demands of George Fernandes, Vaiko and Karunanidhi, like repeal of POTA, is only likely to leave the BJP and the Hindu society with only a wooden spoon.

Ram Janmabhoomi vs Ram Karmabhoomi
The BJP cannot remain a mute witness or even a silent collaborater in the destruction of Rama's priceless heritage in Ram Karmabhoomi, i.e. Tamil Nadu.Therefore, my posers to the guardians of the Hindu faith are:
  1. Would you allow the destruction of Rama's 1.75 million-year-old bridge by Islamic and atheist forces?
  2. Is Rama's birthplace more important than Rameshwaram and Rama's Bridge which is of not just religious significance, but is more historically proven?
  3. Is the south Indian part of Rama's heritage not important to the Sangh Parivar?
If the Sangh Parivar comes up with the right approach, then this Sethusamudaram canal project can be transformed into a Ram Karmabhoomi mass movement like the Ayodhya project. Such a mass movement can catapult Hindu forces into power in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Already in the southernmost districts of Tamil Nadu and Kerala - Nagercoil and Thiruvananthapuram - the BJP has been very strong and is very likely to win in the near future. With a Ram Karmabhoomi movement, the entire states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu can be swept as in the Karnataka Lok Sabha elections. It would be pertinent for the Sangh Parivar to note that the political landscape in Tamil Nadu and Kerala is totally bankrupt and is in a state of vacuum which can be occupied by the Hindu forces.I hope the guardians of the Hindu faith would seize the opportunity and
  1. Preserve Rama's priceless heritage.
  2. Save Mother India from ecological destruction.

I was not aware of this going to happen till I read your blog.

We being Hindus, don't have enough power (constitutionally, that is)to oppose this. If it were an Islamic or Christian monument, everyone including atheists like communists would have made it a huge issue. The only hope remaining is with organizations like RSS or VHP, who, according to your blog are not intersted in preserving the bridge. That's too unfortunate.
Read this article with interest. Absolutely ridiculous. I agree fully with whatever written in regards to environmental concerns.

There are absolutely no archaeological evidences to corroborate that there is a bridge below sea. I checked with NASA about the images regarding Rama's Bridge. Bridge like structures are nothing but coral reefs.

Hindutva MFs like RSS and VHP are blowing a phony whistle to kindle the minds of Non Hindu Population.
Mr. Munat Ranasinghe there is absolutely no evidence of the existence of Christ and has been proven time and again.

In fact Xtianity is a diabolical conspiracy of Whites and Vatican for slave trade and whore trade and this is openly said in Bible.

Oh !! So Mr. Rnasinghe what are u a PhD, or a Geologist to identify it as Coral Reefs, I as a PhD in ocean sciences from IIT and not from some third rate Catholic and Pentacost University know better then morons like you, so kindly shut up and do not interfere in our affiars.

Go lick up American Christian Ass as much as u want

Why are we arguing about something that is not yet proved scientifically? Why don't you send world class archealogical teams (several did the work in Jerusalem recently about the last tomb of Jesus) and have them document everything. How can you prove me (I am an Hindu brahmin btw) that that bridge is built by humans and it is indeed 1.78 million years old? I guess I need something more than writing myself, forget about others.

And please don't tell me India does not have money to do it. It just takes 2 days to get that kind of money to get this done.

Stop bullying others and start proving it, once in for all. (Or are we afraid of proving anything scientifically?)


the islamic and athitst forces are destroying our priceless hinduism.the historical marvel should be protected otherwise our hiduism.
i advise the orgqanisations like BJP,RSS ,VHP and all the hindus should join hands to drive away sinful muslims and christians from our hindustan and establish our superioority.
sunni gommapunda pohhuthaioli kandrolim oifbjvt;b
What was the BJP Government doing for the 6 years it was in power ? How long would it have taken to pass an Ordinance & re- name the 'Adams Bridge' as 'Rama's Bridge' ?

Only we Hindus are respnsible for the pathetic state of the Hinduism in this Great country of ours.
What was the BJP Govt doing for the 6 years it was in Power?

It would have been a petty task to re-name the 'Adam's bridge' to 'Lord Rama's Bridge'.

It would have only taken a few months to redo the Road from Dhanushkodi to the Bridges starting point.

Sad, but true - we Hindus are responsible for the mess our great religion & country is in now
Sad.. I am an Indian and I am also a Christian.. I am appalled by the Hindutva agenda.. Why are you bringing religion into everything? You guys need to get some education... Hardened fundamentalists like you are no good for this country.. I absolutely agree with Mr.Krishnan Iyer.. But look at the abuse he gets from his own "Hindu" brothers for trying to look at things objectively... Sad...
First of all, do not go by the "Hindu brahmin" Krishnan Iyer. He has no credibility. He runs a blog which is completely anti-Hindu. He spares no opportunity, in fact digs out far fetched links, just to insult Hindus and Hinduism.

And worse, he is not even democratic. Any one who opposes his views on his blog is insulted and his id is barred forever. He mentions this in his "Comments policy"

To Jai, well, the BJP Govt was not really a BJP Govt. It was an NDA govt and the BJP had completely surrendered its agenda to the so-called secular parties, just to remain in power. Hence, do not go by "Was the BJP sleeping in its 6 years at power" kind of statements.

Lastly, if the UPA govt had the guts, could it have done similar affidavits questioning other faiths? Or is it only the Hindu faith which is subject to questioning? If this UPA Govt is re-elected even after all this, I will be convinced of one thing - that the Hindus are cowards and have no pride in themselves.
to John Arul Prakash,

Religion has been brought into "Everything"?

What is this "everything"?

If the Govt says that Rama never existed, can we not bring religion to EVEN this? If the Govt said that Jesus never existed (of course it will never say this since most of the Govt is headed by Christians , most of them with Hindu sounding names), wouldnt you mind?

And BTW, since you empathise with the so-called Hindu "Krishnan Iyer" and say "But look at the abuse he gets from his own "Hindu" brothers for trying to look at things objectively." I searched and searched on this page before your comment. I could not see a single reference to Krishnan Iyer or his comment. People seem to have discounted his opinion totally. So were you hallucinating? Or were you disappointed that no one yet "abused" Krishnan Iyer, so let me anyway go ahead and say this, people might not notice....?
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